Tips for finding, and walking, in her shoes

It can be difficult to persuade some men to put on heels. It can also be hard to find shoes that fit. Here are some tips to help:

  • The Shoes: A complaint that many men have is finding the right size shoes to wear. There are many places online that sell women’s shoes large enough to accommodate any size foot.  You can also try shoes with open backs, where the heels hang off the end of the shoe. Those are easier to find and can be cheaper. 
  • The Options:
  1. Look in thrift stores such as Salvation Army or Goodwill.
  2. Borrow a pair of heels without backs.
  3. Ebay, Payless, Shoe Show or Shoe Dept. stores usually have larger sized women's shoes.
  4. Spray paint an old pair of shoes red or pink.
  5. If wearing heels is not an option for you, decorate a pair of pink Crocs or flip flops!
  • The Balancing Act: Women who wear high heels know that balancing can be difficult. Try wedges or shorter heels so you can keep your balance and feel a little more secure in those new shoes.
  • Embarrassed?: Some men are embarrassed to put on a pair of women’s shoes. But remember that your participation helps raise awareness about the very important issue of sexual violence against men, women, and children. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is a fun event, but behind the spectacle of men walking in high heels, we must remember how crucial it is for women to have male allies in the fight against sexual assault. Statistically, you very likely know someone who was raped or assaulted, even if that person has not disclosed that information to you.