100 Men Take Stand Against Sexual Violence in the Midlands

COLUMBIA, SC - Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands (STSM) is proud to invite men in the Midlands to take a stand against sexual violence by joining the 100 Men Against Sexual Violence Campaign. More than 50 men in the Midlands have pledged to action against sexual violence in the community.

100 Men Against Sexual Assault is a campaign that harnesses the collective impact of men in the Midlands to create change. There is power in numbers and, together, men can have a powerful impact in preventing, and even ending, sexual assault. By supporting survivors, educating themselves and others, and being positive role models, these 100 Men are standing up against sexual assault in our community.

"I support STSM because I want survivors of sexual assault to know that our community stands with them." Micah Caskey, SC House Representative - District 89, said.

As a member of the 100 Men Against Sexual Assault, each man commits to donating $100 or more by the end of the campaign on November 30. Participation inspires others to stand up and will raise more than $10,000 to support STSM's mission of advocating for and supporting survivors of sexual assault.

"A few years ago, I was at the Soda City Market and met a family giving out information about STSM," said Raghav Badiger. "While talking with them, I found out their 6-year-old daughter is a survivor of sexual assault and STSM helped them heal after her assault. I always think back to this time, especially my conversation with that child who was so courageous. I will always stand by her and all survivors."

Local leaders participating in the campaign include:

Visit STSM's website at https://www.stsm.org/donate-now/100-men to join these leaders in our community today. A community free of sexual violence is possible if we stand together. 

Media inquiries should be directed to Layla Ferjani, STSM's marketing coordinator, at 803-790-8208 or marketing@www.stsm.org.

Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands (STSM), formerly named Rape Crisis Network, is a private, nonprofit, United Way member agency committed to providing free, direct services to survivors of sexual assault and abuse, including 24-hour crisis hotline, hospital accompaniment, court accompaniment, personal advocacy, individual and group counseling, and education about sexual trauma issues.