Your presentations helped our students gain a better understanding of gender stereotypes, and the influence of media, boundary setting, interpersonal communication, sexual harassment, sexual assault and healthy relationships. Your delivery of obscure and challenging topics was masterful. The students’ level of participation during discussions and the caliber of their comments and questions were indicators of your ability to create a place where the students felt safe to carry on meaningful conversations. It was enjoyable for me to watch you teach and watch the children learn.
- Guidance Counselor from a private Middle School

The STS representatives have been very professional. STS complies with mandates of the Comprehensive Health Education Act as well as district/school policies. Evaluations by students have documents that STS educators work extremely well with this population and that they find the presentations entertaining yet serious and valuable….In fact, because of one of [the] presentations in the spring, a student reported an adult working with teens that had violated one of the laws pertaining to criminal sexual conduct. He was immediately removed from the workplace, investigated, and admitted guilt. Had [STSM] not given the presentation, it is likely this first time offender would have continued to exploit this teen and other young people.
- Educator at a public High School

I want to thank you for sharing your expertise with our clients. So many of them have sexual trauma in their histories and need to work through so many issues. I know just hearing the information you gave them will help them begin to talk about things. Thanks again.
- Employee at a Substance Abuse Facility

Thank you very much for the wonderful training you provided to us regarding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. It was most insightful and quite valuable. We appreciate your willingness to come and share with us. Again, THANKS!
- Director at a business in Columbia

Thank you for once again presenting to our … class on such an important topic. You do a great job presenting the info in ways that keep their attention and spark discussion. I also appreciate you researching and sending me info that answered some of their more obscure questions. Hope to have you again next year!.
- College Professor

Thank you for coming here and teaching us about boundaries, relationships, and just things to help us. I really liked you teaching that and it helped me! Class was real fun because we were actually doing things that related to what I was going through at the time!!
- High School Student who attended the Youth Violence Prevention Program

I enjoyed this training session, and I highly recommend this program to any adult.
- Adult professional who attended the Stewards of Children Training

This lesson is very helpful for people to learn to be more responsible and fair in friendships, your home, schools and romantic affairs.
- High School Student who attended the Gender Stereotypes/Media Influences Session in the Youth Violence Prevention Program