Other Professional Development Trainings

Child Safety Training (Sexual Abuse Prevention)
This 3.5 hour training will teach adults to prevent, recognize, and react to situations of child sexual abuse. This is a perfect training for parents/guardians, adults who work with youth, staff in child care centers, and other organizations that work with children and youth. Click here for more information about this program.

Healthy Sexuality and the Normalization of Sexual Harm
Popular culture is saturated with images of violence, especially sexual violence perpetrated on women and girls. With the help of research by two prominent professionals in the sexual violence field, Cordelia Anderson from Sensibilities, Inc. in Minnesota and Brad Perry from Virginia's Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, this workshop explores stereotypes in society and how they may contribute to violence, especially for women and girls. Emphasis will be placed on the images of sexual harm in popular media and how they affect society and the concepts of "healthy sexuality."

Mandated Reporting
The STSM Mandated Reporter Training is perfect for businesses, schools and organizations that work with youth. This training includes an overview of South Carolina mandated reporting law, situations that constitute making a report, where and when to make a report, and resources in our community.

Sexual Assault 101
This workshop is an overview of the key concepts related to the topic of sexual assault. Participants will be introduced to the idea of consent, the Criminal Sexual Assault laws in SC, the statistics related to sexual assault and rape, the effects of this type of trauma on survivors.

Recognizing Signs of Sexual Abuse and Assault
This in-depth training focuses on the most common effects of sexual abuse and assault and how to respond appropriately to the warning signs. Information will also be given about how to refer clients to Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands for clinical services.

How to Respond and Support Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault
This workshop focuses on the impact of sexual trauma and issues that survivors face during the recovery process. Information will be provided to assist staff in effective service delivery to survivors.

Impact of Sexual Assault
This workshop details specific behavioral, social, emotional and physical effects of sexual trauma. Information will also be given about how evidence is collected at the hospital and how Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands works with survivors to recover from the trauma of the assault and/or abuse.

Alcohol and Drug Use and Sexual Assault and Abuse
This training is designed to provide an overview of the connection between sexual assault and addiction. Information is provided on effective ways to treat survivors who are actively using drugs or alcohol or who have begun the recovery process from both the trauma and addiction.

How the Family of Sexual Assault Survivors of Impacted
This workshop focuses on the impact of trauma for secondary survivors of sexual assault. Information is provided to help secondary survivors increase awareness of the effects of sexual assault on the primary survivor, learn how to be supportive, address their feelings/concerns about the trauma experience, and how to access services for themselves.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
This training defines what sexual harassment is; explores federal and SC state laws & the impact of harassment on the victim, the accused, and the organization/office; and details how to recognize, prevent, and report sexual harassment in the office.

Teen Dating Violence
Research shows that physical or sexual abuse is a part of 1 in 3 high school relationships. And one in every four women experiences domestic violence in her lifetime. This training discusses healthy versus unhealthy relationships and serves as an overview of intimate partner violence and its effects on victims (adult and youth). The workshop introduces audience to early warning signs of abuse and ways to reduce risks in relationships, as well as increases understanding of what to do to prevent relationship violence and what to do in the event that someone you know is in an abusive relationship.

Contact the Community Education Director at STSM via email or the Director of Therapy and Outreach via email or call  803-790-8208 to schedule a training or to discuss requirements.