Faith Community

praying with survivor

Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands has worked with many survivors who find that the trauma of sexual violence causes them to struggle with how they see themselves, interact with others, and the view the world around them. Some wounds are visible and some are hidden. As our counselors work with survivors in their healing journey, many find that the abuse they experienced has created questions and changes in their beliefs about faith and spirituality. Leaders in the Midlands faith community play a critical role in walking alongside survivors as they explore the spiritual aspects of their healing journey. Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands offers several opportunities for faith leaders to receive training, work to prevent violence in their congregation, and partner with events and other activities to show their support of survivors. 

"Thank you so much for the work and ministry you do to care for this 'unseen' vulnerable in our society. This was greatly appreciated and very informative." 

Other trainings we offer to the faith community include: 

  • Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault and Abuse in Pastoral Counseling
  • Policies to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Your Community
  • Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program
  • Mandated Reporting
  • Trauma Informed Care

"I wondered if this would be poorly done or a wasted day - but this was AWESOME. I learned so very much. Loved our time with two great presenters."