Volunteer Testimonials


#‎VolunteerSpotlight‬. Tess Dawkins has volunteered with STSM since May 2014 and has spent more than 300 hours assisting staff in the office. Her primary focus has been in the education department, where she has helped to improve the efficiency of evaluation procedures and created a parent portal for our Youth Violence Prevention Curriculum©. Tess is always willing to jump in to get problems solved and is eager to learn more about evaluation and prevention education.


#VolunteerSpotlight. Vickie Belcher completed advocate training in October of 2014. Since then, Vickie has directly supported survivors during five hospital calls and seven hotline calls. She also supported research and development for CAST, the Campus Allies for Survivors for Sexual Trauma, an ally training at Newberry College. We would not be here today without the support and dedication from volunteers like Vickie.

#‎VolunteerSpotlight‬ Delaney Goodwin is a speaker's bureau volunteer with STSM. As a speaker's bureau volunteer, Delaney provides information and education to community members. She attends health fairs and public events to share information about STSM's services. Since completing training in August, Delaney has volunteer for seven events!