Speaker's Bureau

Our Speaker’s Bureau volunteers provide information and education to community members and STSM supporters.  After completing the application process and receiving training from STSM staff, they:

  • Attend health fairs or public events to share information about STSM services and educate the public about sexual assault.
  • Participate in speaking engagements on behalf of STSM.

Volunteering in the Speaker’s Bureau is a good fit for individuals who are:

  • Interested in public speaking or public health education.
  • Seeking flexible volunteer hours, including night or weekend hours.
  • Outgoing and interested in meeting a wide variety of individuals, and comfortable speaking to community members one-on-one or in groups.
  • Responsible and reliable in volunteering for and documenting events, and able to relay information as directed.

Interested in the Speaker's Bureau? Complete the online application today! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know what to say? Do I need to come up with presentations myself?

Our Community Education staff develops the presentations and content, teaches Speaker’s Bureau volunteers to deliver it effectively, and provides multiple opportunities to practice both during and after our volunteer training, and volunteers are able to ask questions about any material they have questions or concerns with.  Beyond the initial training, volunteers continue to improve their skills by seeking out more information about the issue of sexual assault, attending Continuing Education, and practicing their skills.  For more information, see our Job Description for Speaker’s Bureau Volunteers.

What would I be committing myself to?

After completing training, volunteers commit to attend four or more events per year.  Events are scheduled various days of the week and times of the day, and volunteers are able to sign up for events that fit their schedule rather than being assigned to particular days or times of the day. Beyond the initial 6 hours of training, volunteers are required to attend at least two hours of Continuing Education per year, and to remain as a volunteer with STSM for one year. 

How do I get started?

To get started as a volunteer, you must first complete the Application process.  This consists of completing a volunteer application, meeting the Volunteer Services Coordinator for a one-on-one interview, and successfully passing criminal and other background checks.  All applicants must complete this process prior to completing volunteer training!  If you have any questions about this process, contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at vsc@www.stsm.org

Who does STSM serve? As a Speaker’s Bureau volunteer, what types of people could I encounter?

STSM serves any member of the community who has been impacted by sexual violence, and our education and outreach efforts try to reach individuals from all parts of our community.  As a volunteer, you would provide information to community members from a variety of racial and ethnic groups, sexual orientations, age groups, socioeconomic groups, and walks of life.  Bilingual volunteers (Spanish/English proficient) can also attend or present at events for Spanish speaking community members. 

If I am a survivor of sexual assault, would this affect my ability to volunteer?

No.  Many of our volunteers are survivors of sexual assault.  We have found that it is best that the assault or abuse, as well as any legal proceedings or therapy specifically realted to the assault, have occurred at least 1 year ago. As long as it has been at least one year and you are in a healthy point of your healing process, you are eligible to apply to volunteer. 

If I need community service hours for a class that requires community service, could I volunteer in the Speaker’s Bureau?

Yes, but please be aware that the Speaker’s Bureau is a serious and long-term commitment, going far beyond what most classes require.

I have other questions that aren't answered here. Who should I contact?

Please send an Email to our Volunteer Services Coordinator vsc@www.stsm.org. You can also call (803) 790-8208.