Group Counseling

Participation in STSM’s support groups is an important component of the healing journey that STSM offers to survivors of sexual violence. In these groups, 6-10 survivors meet weekly for 1.5 hours for 12 weeks with trained, experienced STSM Volunteer Group Facilitators. Survivors discuss the ways in which sexual violence has impacted their lives—their self-esteem, relationships, feelings of safety, trust, intimacy, and other aspects.

Trauma stories are not told in group. Individual therapy is an important component of the healing journey we offer here at STSM. The thoughts and feelings that surface as a survivor moves through the process of unpacking that trauma box need space and the individual attention and support of a trained therapist.

Group counseling is important because while a counselor can tell you that healing is possible, a peer can actually show you that healing is possible. Sexual violence is by nature isolating. Survivors report that they feel like they are alone in their experience, alone in the world. Being surrounded by the support of a peer group is a key part of healing.

Groups offer the opportunity to practice new skills like healthy boundaries and positive thinking while surrounding survivors with encouragement to help them to heal and grow. In our groups, survivors get to come together with other survivors to talk about the many ways in which their lives have been impacted, to share and learn tools to help them to recover, and to support each other—really support each other—to become whole again.

Like the rest of STSM’s clinical services, these groups are offered by trained professionals and are offered to survivors at no cost.

Groups are available for:

  • Women ages 18+
  • Men ages 18+
  • Girls 12-17
  • Secondary Survivors (parents, caregivers, spouses, friends, and family of survivors)

STSM also offers groups using alternative healing modalities, such as:

  • Art Therapy Group
  • Yoga Therapy Group
  • Music Therapy Group
  • Dance & Movement Therapy Group
  • Animal Assisted Therapy (used in both group and individual sessions)

Dear survivors, no matter when your assault or abuse occurred, you’ve been alone with this for too long already. Please let us accompany you as you heal. Whatever it is, whatever you’re experiencing now, we promise one thing: you don’t have to do this alone.

For more information about how you can participate in a group, please contact Emily Flores, Group Services Coordinator, at or 803-790-8208.


Note to Students: Due to the confidential nature of our services, STSM is not able to allow observation of groups.