Would I actually be helping survivors by volunteering in the office?

Absolutely.  Everything our agency does benefits survivors of sexual assault, and many of those activities require extra coordination or planning behind the scenes.  Our office volunteers assist with this behind the scenes work, allowing our staff to serve survivors more effectively and, in many cases, freeing up even more time to serve survivors directly. One office volunteer learned that:

When I first started working with nonprofits, I never thought about where all of the organization’s information goes and what the organization does with it. I just assumed it all automatically fell into place. It doesn’t...Nonprofits such as STSM have a lot going on behind the scenes that few people ever see. ...When I think of all the hard work that staff and volunteers have put into this organization to make it what it is, I don’t mind the paperwork as much.

For more information, see the Job Description for Office Volunteers.