If I volunteer, what choices do I have for placement?

While volunteering at STSM you have many options on what roles to take.

If you are interested in working directly with survivors of sexual assault and are able to maintain a flexible schedule, consider volunteering as an Advocate.

If you are interested in raising awareness about sexual assault and STSM services by sharing information at community events and speaking engagements, consider volunteering with the Speaker’s Bureau.

If you are interested in helping with special events or administrative work in the STSM office, consider volunteering as an Office Volunteer.

If you have or are pursuing a masters degree in counseling, social work, or a related field, and are interested in gaining direct client contact through facilitating psycho-educational andsupport groups, consider becoming a Group Facilitator.

This are just some of the ways you can get involved at STSM. For more information about any one of these positions, email our Volunteer Services Coordinator atvsc@www.stsm.org or call STSM at (803) 790-8280.