Would I really be making a difference?

Yes. The process of reporting an assault, completing paperwork and legal steps required to move the case forward, and attending legal hearings related to the assault is often confusing and emotionally draining for survivors. Unfortunately, many survivors experience additional trauma during this process or decide to drop charges rather than continue to seek legal redress. Research has consistently shown that having a calm, consistent, and knowledgeable presence who can listen, help the survivor understand what is happening and what their choices may be, and offer emotional support is invaluable to survivors of sexual assault and abuse.  In the words of one client:

The only good memory of that experience was the woman who came from Sexual Trauma Services. She didn't touch me or ask a million probing questions. She comforted me with a calm soft voice and brought me a coke. That coke and that voice were the most beautiful safe things I've ever heard. Thank you to whoever she was. To her it may have been a small thing...but to me, it meant all the difference in the world.