What are STSM’s policies on privacy and confidentiality?

STSM is committed to maintaining your confidentiality. We will not share your information with your family, friends, or anyone else. There are a few exceptions to this policy.

Information may be subpoenaed by a court. We will always let you know if the court system requests information about your case, will work with a lawyer to respond appropriately, and will not release information without your permission.

If a survivor is under the age of 18 or is considered a vulnerable adult, then STSM is required to follow mandated reporting laws. This means that STSM is required to make a report to the appropriate agency, either the Department of Social Services or the law enforcement agency in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Clients of all ages should also be aware that counselors are required by law to report disclosures of suicidal ideation or homicidal intent to law enforcement officials.