Walking About A Revolution

In this guest post, one of our most successful team captains shares her experience building a team for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. Beth Sherouse is an advocate for STSM and recently earned her Ph.D. in History from University of South Carolina. Beth's team - Walking About a Revolution - has raised close to $2,000 for STSM through Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. To donate to Walking About a Revolution or to start your own team, click here.

I hate asking people for money. I don’t even like talking about money. But because I’ve seen first-hand as a volunteer the important work that STSM does for survivors of sexual assault in the Midlands, I decided to put together a team for Walk A Mile in Her Shoes, and the response has been overwhelming. Within a couple of days of posting on social media, friends and colleagues (some of whom I’ve never even met) joined my team and began raising money. As soon as my teammates and I sent out emails asking friends and family to donate, the donations started pouring in. Our team, Walking About a Revolution, quickly took the lead in fundraising, which brought out my competitive streak, making me determined to reach our somewhat ambitious fundraising goal of $2000.

So here’s what this whole experience has taught me. First, my teammates (and their friends and family) are amazing and generous. The first person to join the team after I set it up, Joye White, is currently the top individual fundraiser for the entire walk, partly because one of her friends was so moved by what Joye was doing, that she offered to match others’ donations. Second, my friends and family are amazing and generous. I’ve received donations from people I haven’t seen in years, simply because they want to support the work of STSM.

Finally, and most importantly, people across the Midlands—and really across the country—understand how important it is to advocate for survivors of sexual assault, and educate for prevention. Yes, some of our team’s donations have come from people who just want to see my very masculine boyfriend in heels; but so many others have expressed their support for the work that STSM does, and their desire to be a part of continuing that work.