Volunteer Voice: Lita Bowman

Q. Tell me about yourself.

A. My name is Charlita Bowman and I've been an advocate with STSM since February 2017. When I am not volunteering with STSM, I work closely with youth in our community, and serve as a minister in my local church. I am also a busy mom of three, and a devoted wife.


Q. Why did you start volunteering with STSM?

A. I started volunteering with STSM because of my desire to help others during a time that they may not be able to help themselves. When I saw this opportunity to become an advocate with STSM, I knew this was my chance to be a small portion of hope and healing to any individual who has experienced the impact of sexual violence.


Q. What is your favorite thing about being an advocate?

A. My favorite thing about being an advocate is the rewarding smiles and hugs I receive after providing my support. Many times I have left the hospital with a picture a child has drawn me, or a warm hug and thank you from a grateful survivor. As an advocate, I am a voice and support system to someone who has been through a traumatic experience and is looking for support.


Q. Talk to me a little bit more about being an advocate.

A. As a survivor of sexual assault myself, I know how strengthening and empowering it is to have someone who is non-judgmental and supporting in your corner. Being a STSM Advocate is more than a time-filler for me, it’s an opportunity for me to encourage someone, and reassure them that there are people who care about they have experienced and have a desire to support them on a journey to healing, whatever that may mean for them.

Charlita Bowman

Charlita Bowman has been a STSM advocate since February 2017. She works with survivors directly on hospital accompaniments, and answers STSM's 24-hour crisis hotline. When she isn't on-call, Lita can be found in her community as a local minister, devoted wife, and a busy mom of three.