Until the Violence Stops

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is over, but we must continue standing up against sexual violence. In the video below, former STSM Board member Dr. Debbie Billings explains why preventing violence against women is a year-round cause.

Throughout SAAM, The Vagina Monologues at USC posted videos online for its “Why I Rise” series. Contributors shared their stories and reasons for taking a stand against violence against women. In this video, Debbie puts names and faces to the astounding numbers of women and girls who are victims of violence, reminding us that survivors are all around us. She refers to the One Billion Rising movement that coincided with Valentine’s Day, while reminding us that rising must continue long after any arbitrary date given for observance or protest.

SAAM has come to an end, but the movement to end sexual violence has not. We are standing up, we are speaking out. We are listening to others’ stories and telling our own. We are joining in solidarity. We are saying “no more” – and we will keep saying it until the violence stops.