The State Office of Victim Assistance by Mary Dell Hayes

The SC State Office of Victim Assistance uses money collected from criminals to provide services for victims of crime.  The only service SOVA automatically pays for is the Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit.  If a survivor of sexual assault goes to the hospital for evidence collection, the survivor should not receive a bill or have insurance filed for the collection of evidence. While SOVA will cover the cost of an anonymous evidence collection kit, the survivor must file an incident report with law enforcement to apply for any additional assistance from SOVA.  SOVA does not automatically pay for any additional medical treatment like x-rays or stitches.  If a survivor needs medical treatment in addition to the evidence collection, the survivor can file an application for SOVA to help with those expenses.   A survivor can also apply to SOVA for help paying counseling and lost wages. 

If you are a survivor and have any questions about SOVA eligibility or how to apply, please call STSM at (803) 790-8208.