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Super Bowl: More Than Just Football.

Saturday’s down south are better known as “the day of football”. For as long as I can remember, family and friends would gather to eat enormous amounts of food, play cornhole, and cheer on their favorite team, decked out from head down to toes with hats, face tattoos, and shirts. In Gamecock Country, football meant a black dress with garnet cowgirl boots for the ladies and polo’s and khakis for the gents. I have always loved the day of football but began to love it less in recent years. 

Human Trafficking Awareness Month: Who We Are

January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. When you hear the term Sex Trafficking, what comes to mind?

Why Choose Group Therapy?

One of the many problems with relegating sexual assault to the status of “dirty little secret” in our culture is that survivors must often grapple with this feeling that they are alone. I sit with grandmothers who told their mothers who didn’t believe them. They never mentioned it again. I sit with grown men who can’t understand why their lives are still being impacted by something that happened to them in childhood. They can’t remember so many things from childhood, so why does this thing still keep them up at night? I sit with teens who don’t know who to trust anymore.

Do You Know How You Made a Difference This Year?

News From STSM

Dear friends:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation from Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands, effective February 5, 2016. My family and I have been offered a life changing opportunity to move to Germany with my husband's military career, and we have accepted the adventure. 

The Safe Campus Act: Thoughts from a Sorority Member

While you’re reading this, think about your college career. Maybe you’re still at school, maybe you’re a recent graduate, or maybe it’s been 23 years since you’ve been on campus. Put on your favorite gameday gear, or snuggle up in your university sweatshirt and get comfortable.

Addressing the Confusion Surrounding Consent

The confusion of what consent really is stems from a long history of cultural and interpersonal disregard for a person’s own autonomy. Perpetrators tend to be in control of a situation and will hear whatever they want to hear, regardless of what is actually being said. These tendencies are rooted in our cultural ideals, and bringing awareness to the harmfulness of these ideals will help stop us from raising dangerous individuals.

Dealing With The Aftermath

During the summer of 2003 I worked at a local Christian summer camp. At a staff party, a fellow counselor tried to assault several female staff members at a party (read more here). As staff began to arrive back at camp and prepare for new campers on Sunday morning, the story started filling out. Sam* first attempted to assault me. Then he tried to assault two of our other female staff members after I fled. My team was horrified. We thought we were part of a family, a safe place.

You Shouldn't Have To Be Lucky

I have heard a lot of my friends talk about being lucky over the years – 

From The Desk of the Executive Director - Crisis Management

In September 2012, the office building housing Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands’ headquarters caught fire. With little knowledge of when we would be able to access the agency office, equipment, or client files or how much damage they had suffered, we immediately moved into crisis response mode. The primary problem (beyond the obvious): STSM did not have a crisis management response plan.


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