Media Kit

As part of our vision to end sexual violence through healing and social change, STSM is committed to raising awareness about sexual violence and the issues surrounding it. The news media can play a powerful role in educating the public about sexual violence, and we are happy to work as partners with and resources for our colleagues in the news media to provide accurate information to the community.

If you are working on a story about sexual violence, please email us at or call 803-790-8208. We can provide facts, current research, expert commentary, and (in some cases) survivor contacts. To respect the privacy of those we serve as well as our staff, please observe the following STSM policies regarding media and publicity:

  • All media requests should be directed to STSM’s Director of Marketing, Layla Ferjani: or 803-790-8208.
  • STSM does not permit photographs to be taken on-site at our offices without prior permission. Stock photos may be available for use.
  • We can connect reporters with survivors who have agreed to share their story. However, STSM does not share information about survivors or their stories unless granted prior, written permission by the survivor.
  • Because many survivors are likely to read media stories related to STSM or to sexual assault, we ask that our hotline number 803-771-7273 be included in the body of a story or the sidebar.

Read facts and statistics about sexual violence, get tips on covering sexual assaults, and find out more about STSM in our online media kit:

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