YVP Facilitator Training

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the magnitude of community issues like violence, poverty, teen pregnancy, and addiction. The majority of people who experience teen pregnancy, addiction, incomplete education, or poverty have experienced a sexual assault. A vicious cycle exists where people who have experienced a sexual assault are at much higher risk of experiencing adverse outcomes like poverty, and people who live in poverty are more likely to experience a sexual assault. There are plenty of organizations serving the victims of these crimes, but who is working to solve them? To help our community thrive as a healthy place to raise a family or build a business, we must have a plan that will reduce and eventually eliminate violence in our community, state, and nation.

The Youth Violence Prevention Curriculum© (YVP)

STSM’s Youth Violence Prevention curriculum© is financially supported through SC DHEC and the CDC, and has been evaluated by the University of South Carolina. Developed by STSM over seventeen years, the Youth Violence Prevention Curriculum© incorporates the most recent principles of primary prevention as recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Youth Violence Prevention Curriculum© will end sexual violence in our community. It is appropriate for any school, church, afterschool program, prison, etc. interested in eliminating the culture of violence that surrounds us.

Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands can send a trained educator to your organization to implement the Youth Violence Prevention Curriculum or we can train your educator to implement the curriculum. 

When you book a Training-of-the-Facilitator Session, STSM will:

  • Deliver a high-quality, two-day training of facilitators
  • Training will be facilitated by two highly skilled trainers
  • All training materials are included
  • Programs receive use of Youth Violence Prevention curriculum© for one year
  • Training covers Youth Violence Prevention curriculum© implementation, evaluation processes, mandated reporting and more
  • At training conclusion, trained facilitators will be able to facilitate the six-session violence prevention curriculum and have online access to all training materials, exercises, and evaluation tools
  • STSM will provide evaluation analysis at completion of curriculum and an annual report of data
  • STSM will provide two hours of ongoing technical support in person and up to five hours phone support annually with experienced violence prevention educators
  • STSM will complete a minimum of two fidelity checks annually to ensure curriculum and instruction practices are consistent and accurate

Attributes of a Good Facilitator

  • Trained facilitators are responsible for inputting session data and participant scores in online database
  • Trained facilitators will administer a pre-test, post-test, and presentation evaluation to each student receiving the Youth Violence Prevention Curriculum©
  • Trained facilitators will provide each teacher/community partner with a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire and input results in database
  • Trained facilitators commit to providing a minimum of 10 curriculum implementations to an average of 20 participants annually


  • Up to 25 hours of high-quality professional development training
  • Use of practice-based curriculum developed by experts in the field of sexual violence and violence prevention
  • Access to professional evaluation tools and results
  • Renewal package includes continuing education, curriculum updates, and continued support
  • At conclusion of training, staff will be more effective at responding to and reporting incidents of sexual violence in the facility setting
  • Additional training provided for staff on mandated reporting.
  • Additional assistance creating policies and procedures related to sexual assault available


STSM’s Community Education Department is staffed by experts in the field of violence prevention. STSM educators have published articles in the Sexual Assault Report, presented at the National Sexual Assault Conference, and are at the forefront of trends in violence prevention education. Working with STSM provides organizations with access to the highest quality services and materials available.