Kitchen Conversations

Kitchen Conversations is an in-home, parent-centered party that supports parents in having ongoing conversations with their child around topics of healthy child development.

How it works:

The parent host invites their family and friends into their home, where a trained STSM facilitator will guide discussions and provide materials to support ongoing conversations.

  • Includes conversations for children in elementary through high school, on the following topics: Boundaries, Bodies, Feelings, Play Dates, Parties, Bullying, and Flirting.
  • Equips parents on how to have conversations with their child through teachable moments.
  • Gives parents the opportunity to talk with a professional about real-life experiences as their child grows.

Kitchen Conversations:

  • Builds the parent to child connection;
  • Protects children from violence;
  • Nurtures child development;
  • Provides materials to support on-going conversations;
  • And creates a parental support network.

If you are interested in hosting a party with your friends, contact STSM’s Elementary Education Coordinator at 803-790-8208 or email her at