100 Men Against Sexual Assault

100 Men Against Sexual Assault is a campaign that harnesses the collective impact of men in the Midlands to create change. There is power in numbers and, together, men can have a powerful impact in preventing, and even ending, sexual assault. By supporting survivors, educating themselves and others, and being positive role models, these 100 Men are standing up against sexual assault in our community. Will you answer the call to stand with them against sexual assault?


As a Man Against Sexual Assault, I pledge:

  • TO DONATE $100 to support the work of Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands in ending sexual violence.
  • TO STAND against sexual assault by neither participating in sexual violence nor tolerating it in others.
  • TO SPEAK UP to stop sexist or abusive language, promote healthy relationships and support survivors.
  • TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE by taking a leadership role in modeling positive male behavior for other men and the next generation.