"I very much appreciate the support in my life provided by this program because I have been searching for something like this and hadn’t found anything elsewhere and because of financial reasons I wasn’t able to give help to my daughters related to this problem and finding out about you all and [STSM Crisis Counselor] brought a light of hope into my life. I was able to believe again and begin to fight with a reason. Thank you. Thank you so much for this amazing support. God bless you, and I hope that in the future I will be able to collaborate with you all to help you help others like you all are helping me today. Thank you to the entire Sexual Trauma group." - Latina mother, secondary survivor, age 35
“I am thankful for the program. It provided the education needed for our children to demonstrate continuous success.” - After school teacher, Lexington County, April 2011
“This was a great service for our students. The information provided was very beneficial and relevant for students.” - High school teacher, Newberry County, March 2011
“Thank you so much for the training provided by Sexual Trauma Services. The students were afforded the opportunity to receive valuable knowledge that we will attempt to apply as we embark upon our service learning project this fall and most importantly in life itself. Words cannot adequately express how much we appreciate this training." - High school teacher, Richland County, October 2010
“The girls really enjoyed the presentation. I think that the most effective part was the discussions and sharing that the girls were able to participate in. Wonderful program!” - Middle school guidance counselor, Richland County, November 2010
"My eyes have been opened to my new reality and God’s life design for me.  It has taken so many years to get to this point.  I am so amazed that I can experience peace, joy and calm after all the years I lived in self-made chaos.  It was my own choosing to do so!  I have learned that not only were my external boundaries nonexistent, that my internal boundaries were even worse.  For many years I let people dictate my feelings and actions I felt so victimized.  Without the proper help I was not going to break out of that pattern.  I needed a path, a plan, and a person to help show me the way.  I spent so many years miserable not realizing I could be free from the past torments and troubles.  I am so thankful Sexual Trauma Services was there for me.  [STSM Counselor]’s knowledge, kindness, empathy and patience helped me to break the bonds that kept me a prisoner to my dark secrets and sadness.
"It was hard to face the memories and there were times it was almost too much to bear.  Had I not pushed through I wouldn’t be in this very positive and content spot I am in now.  The hard work does pay off, it may be difficult, but there is a light on the other side.  It will be worthwhile.  Let your counselor help you.  In doing so, you help yourself.  You get out of it what you put into it.  When I first started my therapy my self-esteem was at the lowest it has ever been.  I felt horrible, ugly, fat and hopeless.  So hopeless, that I tried to take my own life.  Now, I am down to my desire weight, back in school, working and my relationship with my husband is the best it has been.  I feel like I have wings to soar.  I hope the best for anyone entering this program.  The results are amazing." - Adult survivor of child sexual abuse, age 47
“I don’t know what I would have done without crisis counseling. Thank you.” - Survivor of marital rape, age 62
“[STSM Counselor] is awesome. She listens and helps me with ALL of my needs! I love her!” - Teen survivor of sexual assault, age 14
“[Group therapy] has been such as huge step towards my recovery and everyone I’ve talked to at STSM has been helpful and supportive. I have also felt safe in both individual and group therapy... anything I say is confidential. Overall, I am more than pleased with my experience.” - Adult survivor of sexual assault, age 26
"The Sexual Trauma Services has been such a help for me at a time in my life where I didn't know where to turn to.  I have no financial assistance to be able to go to counseling.  I called so many places and this service was willing to help me even though I didn't have insurance.  My counselor here has helped me through many, many, things that I feel I couldn't do on my own and has given me the tools to help me after the session ends.  I am most grateful that this service is provided for those of us who need it.  Thank you for making this available to me, and the Sexual Trauma Services Staff for being there."

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