Personal and Legal Advocacy

The personal and legal advocacy program assists survivors in gaining knowledge of the judicial system, gain access to all avenues of participation in the judicial system, minimizes the re-victimization that can occur from involvement with the judicial system, and promotes the responsiveness of individual legal participants.

STSM provides the survivor with emotional support and accompaniment throughout the criminal justice proceedings including (but not limited to) assisting the survivor in filing a police report, court accompaniment, assisting survivors with their Victim Impact Statements, and contacting law enforcement on behalf of survivor with survivor's consent.

Some survivors decide to take the perpetrator to court, while others decide against this option. STSM supports survivors in whatever decisions they may take regarding their own healing process.

If you are interested in these services, please contact STSM at (803)790-8208 to speak with a staff memeber and make an appointment to come in. If you have further questions, check out the Commonly Asked Questions page and/or you may to contact the office at (803) 790-8208 and speak with a staff member who may assist you.

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