Volume 6, Issue 5

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Volume 6, Issue 5
March/April 2015
Genevieve N. Waller, Esq.
Executive Director
Providencia Borgstadt, MBA
Office Manager
Sherry Lewis, MA, LPC ,CAC II
Director of Therapy and Outreach
Melanie Snipes, LMSW
Director of Crisis Services
Kayce Singletary, MPH, MSW
Community Education Director
Mary Dell Hayes
Development Coordinator
Emily Martin
Marketing Coordinator
Sarah Nevarez
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Lara Brockwell, LMSW
Sexual Assault Services Coordinator
Amber Hiott, M.Ed, LPC/I
Group Services Coordinator
Bahiyihh Young, Ed.S
Underserved Survivor Advocate &
Outreach Coordinator
Amy Fisher, LPC/I
Advocate Counselor
Caroline Burns
Prevention Education Coordinator
Alison Salisbury
Community Education Assistant
Baron O’Neal
Community Advocate and Prevention
Erin Baldwin, Esq.
Abuse in Later Life Project Coordinator
Page 1
Did you hear?...
It’s almost Sexual Assault Awareness Month!
Yes, it’s that time of year again, and April is
quickly approaching!
Please check out pages 4 & 5 of the newsletter
to learn more about the events
we will be hosting and how you
can get involved to raise
awareness and continue
supporting our mission!
Amber Hiott
Group Services Coordinator
Message from the
Group Services
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and educates the
community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Page 2
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and educates the
community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
This past month we
welcomed EIGHT
n e w f a b u l o u s
vol unteer group
facilitators to our
team of professionals.
These eight new
volunteers bring a
wi de range of
knowledge and
Triscell Knuppe, MSW
Cynthia Alston-Johnson, LMSW
Tamisha Dawson, Degree Candidate
Destiny Dagnan, MSW
Latasha Kennedy, LPC/I
Chelsea Allen, MSW
Kelly Nance, LPC/I
Ashley Young, LPC/I
clinical skills to our team. We are excited to see the impact they will have in our
community as they lead psycho-educational and psycho-educational support groups.
New Volunteers
Were you unable to attend the February training? Do you know someone who you
think would be a great addition to the STSM volunteer team? Tell them to contact
Amber at! She would love to provide more information
about our next training in the fall!
Page 3
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and educates the community
to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Cierra Brabham, LPC/I
ierra Brabham began volunteering with STSM in
February of 2014. Since beginning volunteering she
has led psycho-educational groups at Killingsworth,
and she is currently co-leading a Women’s TREM group.
Cierra graduated in August 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Arts
Degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of
South Carolina. In September 2013, Cierra graduated with her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health
Counseling from South University.
Cierra currently works full-time as an Account Specialist at Aflac Group Insurance and works part-time
as a Mental Health Counselor for New Outlook Second Chances, where she provides therapeutic and
mentor services for underprivileged children and their families.
Why she volunteers:
When asked why she volunteers with STSM, Cierra responded “I volunteer for STSM to help sexual
assault survivors with their healing process. Sexual assault is a difficult topic to discuss and bringing
awareness to the community is very important because it helps with prevention. I grew up thinking
that only strangers could do harmful things, not the people closest to you. And I realize that educating
others about the statistics of sexual assault and what sexual assault survivors go through can help the
next child, woman, or man recognize what is happening is wrong and something needs to be done
One of our favorite four-legged
friends received the Mungo Homes
Community Builder Award in honor
of the work he does at STSM.
We are so thankful for Max and his
handler, Angie, who donate their
valuable time to provide Animal
Assisted Therapy to our clients.
Page 4
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and educates the
community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Ambassadors of Change Pinning Ceremony:
To kick-off this year's Sexual Assault Awareness Month, 100 local
leaders from throughout the Midlands will be taking a pledge to
educate and empower the community to end sexual violence. The
pledge and pinning ceremony will take place on Thursday, April 2,
2015 from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Please contact Caroline Burns
at or (803) 790-8208 for more information.
Walk a Mile in THEIR Shoes:
Men from across the Midlands will be standing up against sexual abuse
and violence, one pair of heels at a time, on Wednesday, April 15,
2015, 5:30-8:00 p.m. Hosted by Sexual Trauma Services of the
Midlands, the walk begins at 6:30 p.m. outside the South Carolina State
House. This annual event gets men (and women!) involved in the fight
against sexual violence and raises awareness about the free, local
services STSM provides for survivors of sexual assault and
abuse. More than 600 supporters participated last year! Early Bird
Registration is on $15-- register online today!
The Hunting Ground:
The Nickelodeon will be showing the film The Hunting
Ground on April 28th-April 30th at 7pm each night.
In My Daughter’s Name:
On April 19th at 3:00pm, Trustus Theatre will be showing the
performance of In My Daughter’s Name. All proceeds from
the show will be donated to STSM!
Page 5 STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and educates the
community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Denim Day:
In Italy in 1992, an 18-year-old girl was raped by her 45-year-old driving
instructor. The assailant was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to jail. He
appealed the sentence, and the case made its way to the Italian Supreme
Court. The Supreme Court released the perpetrator and dismissed all the
charges. The reasoning behind this was “because the victim wore very, very
tight jeans, she had to help him remove them, and by removing the jeans it
was no longer rape but consensual sex.” The women in the Italian
Parliament wore jeans in protest, and the California Senate and Assembly
did the same. Thus, Denim Day was born. Wear jeans on Wednesday,
April 29 to raise awareness and educate the public about sexual assault.
Please contact Sarah Goode at for more information or
to request Denim Day stickers.
Tuesday, March 17th
FREE webinar hosted by 1in6: Understanding Men Sexually Abused in Childhood. This 90-minute
webinar for advocates and other professionals who work with men provides an opportunity to consider
the particular ways men may respond differently to childhood sexual abuse. This non-clinical training is
most useful for those with some basic knowledge and understanding of sexual abuse dynamics.
WHEN : Tuesday, March 17, 2015 from 1:30-3:00pm
Tuesday, March 17th
FREE training: Abuse in Later Life: Cross-Training for Victim Service Providers. This day-long
training is intended for professionals who work with older adults.
WHEN: Thursday, March 17, 2015 from 8:30am-5:00pm
Thursday, April 23rd
FREE training hosted by STSM: Serving Hispanic & Latino Survivors of Sexual Trauma. This
day-long training is intended for professionals who may come into contact with Hispanic and Latino
Survivors of sexual trauma.
WHEN: Thursday, April 23, 2015 from 9:00am-5:00pm
Page 6
3830 Forest Drive
Suite 201
Columbia, SC
533 Oxford Street
Suite C
Sumter, SC
O: (803) 790-8208
F: (803) 790-8282
Current Groups
 Morris Village Psycho-Ed
 Sistercare Psycho-Ed (Non-Residential)
 Two Women’s TREM
Important Reminders!
VOCA Volunteer Log Forms & Monthly Report Forms
 Please turn in these forms to Amber by the first day of the month. (For
example, your logs for February 2015 should be turned in no later than March
1st, 2015).
 Bring these forms by the office or send them to us in the mail. Please do not
fax these items—we need the originals!
Group Notes/Paperwork
 Group notes and paperwork (attendance sheets, client packets, etc.) are due
three days after your group.
 While transporting forms keep them in a secure place...remember
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and educates the
community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Comments? Questions? Concerns?
For issues regarding locations, paperwork, and/or scheduling conflicts, contact
the Group Services Coordinator—Amber.
For issues regarding clinical issues, such as clients, supervision, etc, contact the
Director of Therapy and Outreach—Sherry.
Next Clinical Group Supervision: April 20, 2015 6:00-7:30pm.
*Please email Amber at if you are unable to attend!

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