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New Beginnings
October 31, 2014
Volume 7, Issue 1
Genevieve N. Waller, Esq.
Executive Director
Jenny Kennedy
Office Manager
Sherry Lewis, LPC
Director of Therapy and Outreach
Melanie Snipes, LMSW
Director of Crisis Services
Kayce Singletary, MSW, MPH
Community Education Director
Mary Dell Hayes
Development Coordinator
Sarah Moran Nevarez, MSW, MPH
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Lara Brockwell, LMSW
Sexual Assault Services Coordinator
Lauren Weist, LPC-I
Advocate Counselor
Bahiyyih Young, MEd
Underserved Survivor Advocate
Amber Hiott, LPC-I
Group Services Coordinator
Caroline Burns
Prevention Education Coordinator
Baron O’Neal
Community Advocate & Prevention
Specialist (Sumter)
July to September 2014 Statistics
 STSM staff and volunteers accompanied 103 primary
survivors of sexual assault and abuse at the hospital (39
under the age of 17).
 STSM staff and volunteers answered 203 hotline calls.
 STSM staff held 385 individual counseling and crisis
intervention sessions.
Upcoming Events
November 12
Serving Deaf Survivors of Trauma
Sisters of Charity
December 10
STSM Holiday Open House
STSM Headquarters
February 7
Volunteer Advocate Training Begins
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and
educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Page 1
STSM Board of Directors
Jay Hamm, Palmetto Health
Kristian Bell, Collins & Lacy
Chris Pierson, SCANA Corp.
Sheryl McAlister, PR Consultant
At Large
John Wilkinson, USA Eshop
At Large
Phil Bailey, SC Senate
Democratic Caucus
Katie Fox, Harbison Theatre
Wendy Fuess, Wells Fargo
Steven Johnson, BCBS of SC
Dee Moise, Davis Moise CPA
Jane Senn, Retired Educator
Michael Traynham, SC DHEC
Board Member of the Quarter
Wendy Fuess
Wendy Fuess is the Senior Vice
President for Wells Fargo Insurance
Services. In this capacity Wendy
spends a lot of time traveling the
southeastern United States to help
businesses and people implement
sound insurance strategy.
Wendy joined the STSM board in
2011 fiscal year and has been a
fantastic leader serving in a variety
of roles. Wendy is active in the
Spring Valley Rotary Club and will
serve as president of the club in
Over the Labor Day weekend,
Wendy and her husband, Steve,
hosted a wine-raiser for STSM.
Guests were encouraged to bring a
bottle for the party and a bottle for STSM. Wine collected will be
used for future STSM events and parties.
“Wendy is an enthusiastic leader and voice on the STSM board.
She offers great insight into strategy to help STSM continue to
grow and improve.”
Jay Hamm, President, STSM Board of Directors
Volunteer of the Quarter
April Johnson
April relocated to South Carolina last
year and soon chose STSM as a site
for her practicum for the University of
Phoenix Human Services program.
April completed training as an
advocate in Fall of 2014, even though
she knew her hours might not count
for her internship requirements and
has been a dedicated volunteer ever
since--far exceeding the requirements
of her internship.
She has spent over 200 hours on call
and assisted 8 survivors of sexual
assault with nearly 30 hours at the
hospital and on the hotline. April has also volunteered for more
than 30 hours at events, through STSM's Speaker's Bureau, and
even in assisting with training new advocates for STSM.
"April is one of our most enthusiastic volunteers. She has also
truly become part of the STSM family--not just volunteering for
her required shifts, but coming to events, stopping by the
office, recruiting her workplace for Denim Day, and truly
becoming part of the team!"
Sarah Nevarez, Volunteer Services Coordinator
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and
educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Page 2
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and
educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Page 3
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and
educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Prevention and Education
Page 4
By the Numbers
STSM’s Community
Education and Outreach
Program provides
education to adults and
youth in Richland,
Lexington, Newberry, and
Sumter counties.
From July to September
we completed 96
sessions and educated
576 youth and 795
For more information or
to schedule a
Kayce Singletary,
Meet Our Prevention Education Coordinator!
The Education team at STSM welcomed
Caroline Burns as the new Prevention
Education Coordinator in August of
2014. A Columbia native, Caroline
attended the College of Charleston
where she graduated in May of 2010
with a degree in Political Science.
Immediately following graduation, she
received a Rotary Ambassadorial
Scholarship to study at Makerere
University in Kampala, Uganda. While
there, she volunteered in a local baby’s
home, caring for HIV-positive infants. In June of 2012, she again
departed for Africa, this time as a volunteer with the U.S. Peace
Corps. She spent two years working in rural Swaziland as a Youth
Developer, focusing on providing educational and empowerment
opportunities to teenage girls.
As Prevention Education Coordinator, Caroline will work alongside
STSM Community Education Director, Kayce Singletary, in
implementing STSM’s six-week long Youth Violence Prevention
Program in local middle and high schools. Over the next few
months, she will also be hard at work planning awareness and
educational events for next April, which is National Sexual Assault
Awareness month. Be on the lookout for exciting updates over the
coming months!
School of the
Ridge View High
Ridge View High School
was the first stop of the
school year for STSM’s
Youth Violence Prevention
Program. They were
warmly welcomed by Ms.
Josie Strickland, and more
than 130 of her health
“Watching these students
engage with the material
and really begin to think
critically about the society
they are living in has been
such a joy to witness.
Caroline Burns, Prevention
Education Coordinator
We often incorporate the
practice of gratitude to help
clients struggling with anxiety.
Join our #ThirtyDaysofThanks
challenge on Facebook, Twitter,
and Instagram and see how
this practice impacts your every
day life!
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and
educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Page 5
Counseling and Crisis Intervention
Community Partner
of the Quarter
LGBTQI Interpersonal
Violence Task Force
The LGBTQ Interpersonal
Violence (IPV) Task Force from
the Harriet Hancock LGBT
Center has worked over the
last several years to help
survivors of interpersonal
violence within the LGBTQ
community find safe resources
and healing.
Recently the Task Force
collaborated with STSM to
present Servi ng LGBTQI
Survivors of Sexual Violence,
STSM’s most recent training in
its Underserved Survivor
Series. Not only was the Task
Force instrumental in guiding
the agenda for the training,
but several members of the
T a s k F o r c e p r o v i d e d
presentations that were both
informative and moving. STSM
commends the LGBTQ IPV
Task Force for its enthusiasm,
focus, and commitment in the
fight to end sexual violence.
Sexual Assault in the LGBTQI Community
One in 6 heterosexual women and 1 in 5 heterosexual men are
survivors of rape. Did you know that 1 in 8 lesbian women, 4 in 10
gay men, nearly half of bisexual women, and nearly half of bisexual
men have also been raped (CDC, NISVS: An Overview of 2010
Findings on Victimization by Sexual Orientation, 2010)? LGBTQI
youth are twice as likely to be sexually abused before the age of 12
as their heterosexual peers. If they are homeless, 58.7% of LGBTQI
youth have been sexually victimized compared to 33.4% of
heterosexual homeless youth. LGBTQI youth are 7.4 times more
likely to experience acts of sexual violence than heterosexual youth
(National Coalition for the Homeless, June 2009).
Those numbers are disturbing. They
speak to a crying need for education,
protection, and empowerment. This
need is not being met in this
population. Truly, it isn’t being met
in any population.
On September 24th, STSM presented Serving LGBTQI Survivors of
Sexual Violence at Baptist Parkridge Hospital. This was the most
recent chapter of our Underserved Survivor Series of free, day-long
trainings for area helping professionals. Alexis Stratton from SC
Equality, Dr. Alex Karydi from SC Dept. of Juvenile Justice, and Tricia
Phaup from the Harriet Hancock LGBT Center’s Interpersonal
Violence Task Force, together with a panel of law enforcement
personnel from the Richland Co. Sheriff’s Dept., City of Columbia
Police Department, FBI, and USC Police, presented a great deal of
information about this community, the challenges it faces, and the
resources to which it has access. This training will be offered again in
February of 2015.
People are different, but, at the end of the day, our response to
sexual assault—professionally and personally—should be more the
same than it is different. We should all start by believing. We should
comfort and encourage people in ways which they find comforting
and encouraging, and we should remember that it’s ok to ask what
feels respectful. Maybe it comes down to something as simple as
doing what you can to help STSM fulfil its mission: STSM advocates
for and supports survivors (ALL survivors!) of sexual assault and
abuse and educates the community to identify and prevent sexual
violence. By Bahiyyih Young, Underserved Survivor Advocate
Survivor Testimonials
"I like that I am constantly
getting helpful feedback."
“ P e o p l e a r e o p e n ,
n o n j u d g me n t a l , a n d
acknowledge progress with
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and
educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Page 6
$100 TO $249_____________
J. Bailey
Kristian Cross Bell
Guy Bradley
Best Buy
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance
Trinity Housing Corporation
Mary Audrey Finazzo
Kimberley Finney
The Campbell Consulting Group
Sandra L. Harvison
William C Hubbard
Kaye C. and Thomas Jones
Jet Corp Consulting Group, LLC
Shirley Kuiper
Lindsay and Associates, LLC
Maurice's Piggy Park
Viki Moak
Kevin C. Monaghan
Panera Bread
Chris Pierson
Meredith Plyler
The Committee to Elect Todd
Samuel J. Selph
Anne Sinclair
Larry C Smith
Lynn Stokes-Murray
Buford Summer
Jean Saturday Whitley
UP TO $99_____________
Jarvis O. Adams
Kim M. and Cliff Alpaugh
Stacey Anderson
Donna L. Arndt
Jamie S. Austin
Stacy Baltzegar
Richard Barnett
Jessica Barth
John H. Beard
Inez Belton
Catherine S. Bencheikh
Antoinette Berry
Kelly L. Berry
Mary L. Bickley
Nancy H. Blakey
Tammy Bone
Christi Bost
Lori Boykin
Tiffanie Branham
Michelle G. Brantley
Ashley Bridgers
Deloris Ann Brinson
Cheryl D. Brown
Julie M. Brown
Kerry R. Brown, Jr.
Shermel Brown
Angela Bruccoli
Mary Burden
Michaelle Burns
Adele J. Byrd
Lisa Cardell
Caroline Cassel
Luke Peter Catalanotto
UP TO $99_____________
Jeanne U. Cavanaugh
Heidi Coad McTeer
Mae Compton
Shannon Cooper
Marcia Coster-Schulz
Amy T. Coward
Christian Cox
Dianna Dailey
Lois Daniels
Michelle Dent
Jennifer Dever
Jennifer Dowden
Vaughan Dozier
Timothy Durden
Stephanie Duty
Angela R. Eberz
Troy Nathan Farthing
Georgette Fennell
Andreas Fiouris
Michael L. Fitts
John P. Flanagan
Tracey Forehand
Sheila Foster
Judith Francis
Carmen S. Garrett
Angela Gaskins
William L. Gillaspy
Regena Glover
Ashlee Goff
Charles J. Grainger
Pamela Hall
Jay D. and Carolyn Hamm
Georgina Hance
Linda Harlin
Cymyera D. Hart
Survivors of sexual violence need our help. Please make a secure
online donation to STSM to support survivors of sexual assault
and abuse and to prevent sexual violence in our community, or
mail your tax-deductible check to the following:
3830 Forest Drive, Suite 201
Columbia, SC 29204
BlueCross BlueShield of SC
Lexington Medical Center
Palmetto Health
Debbie Billings & James Thrasher
Jamie Early
Mary Audrey Finazzo
Shirley Kuiper
$5,000 AND ABOVE______
Lexington County
$1,000 AND ABOVE______
Sally Boyd
Transfer Point, Inc.
$500 TO $999_____________
Wendy Fuess
Rotary Club of Forest Acres
Vinny Bochino Memorial Fund
$250 TO $499_____________
Chappelle Broome
Malissa Burnette
Cynthia Cooper
Jamie Early
Steven B. and Martha Jo Smith Johnson
Dennis A. Pruitt, Sr.
Flock and Rally
St. Peter's Catholic Church
Jeanette D. Walton
STSM advocates for and supports survivors of sexual assault and abuse and
educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
UP TO $99_____________
Michael M. Heaton
Laura Hester
Jessica Hilton
Brantley Hodge
Kimberly D. Humphries
Chris Ingram
Shawn Jackson-Eleazer
Seleana Jenkins
Donte Johnson
Shana Johnson
Robin Jones
April Joyner
Julee Kasserman
Jeniece Kennedy
Scott A. and Sabina M. Kesling
Pamela M. Kitchens
Saravanan Krishnamoorthy
Julianna Laboy
Naomi Land
Dorothy Ann Lawson
Laquana Lewis
Lindsey Macchio
Michelle Marthers
Kay K. Martin
Michael Matese
Mary D. McCaskill
Page 7
UP TO $99_____________
Paulette Q. McCurdy
Neosia McDaniels
Kimberly McGhee
Lindsey McVean
April A. Meetze
Ronald and Jennifer Meldau
Matthew Melton
Tynisha Melvin-Lewis
Beverly Miles
Syreeta Miller
Stacy Mossor
Cortney Neel
Willie Nelson
Fatimah Niles
Patricia Oakes
Cardell O'Neal
Syreeta V. Owens
Christina Parham
Rhonda K. Phillips
Vanessa Phillips
Tracy Pitt
Barbara Player
Susan A. Poole
Shelby Provencher
Rhonda Quinones
UP TO $99_____________
Laura Rabon
John H. Raftery
Keri I. Rawlinson
Evelyn Ray
Steve Rentz
Kimberly Richardson
Jennifer N. Riddle
Douglas B. Rizzo
Linda S. Roberts
Pearl Robinson
Patricia Rogers
Daniel J. Rossman
Meshune Ruff
Jennie Rush
Susan L. Rusher
Loren Ryan
Diane L. Savage
Erik Scott
Latoiya T. Scott
Jackie Secor
Erika Sellers
Shunae Sherman
Dayna Smith
Leslie Smith
Marcus Smith
UP TO $99_____________
Tammy Smoak
Jessica Spires
William Spivey
Sandra Stocker
Philip J. Stockman
Annette Strobert
Vickie L. Suffridge
Edna Sumter
Rhonda Sweatt
Courtney Tampas
Alison Thirkield
Ioanna Tillman
Allison R. Turnley
Patrick J. Uhrig
Angelique Van Hannegeyn
Brittney Vereen
Edward J. and Genevieve N. Waller
Samuel Watts
Anna Wilkes
Kenneth G. Williamson
Sheila Wine
Michelle Winterstein
Donna Witt
Carol Wynn
Marcia Young
STSM staff practice self-care at a summer pool party and
the SC State Fair. Congratulations to staff member Baron
O’Neal! Baron’s donkey won several ribbons at the fair.

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