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Volunteer Voice
March 2014
Genevieve N. Waller, Esq.
Executive Director
Bahiyyih Young, Ed.S., NCC joined STSM as our Underserved Survivor Advocate & Outreach Project Coordinator in February 2014. In this position, she will focus on ensuring that diverse and underserved populations are aware of and provided with access to STSM Services. Bahiyyih holds a psychology undergraduate and an educational specialist’s graduate degree in Marriage, Couples, & Family Counseling, both from USC. She has experience serving youth in foster care, at-risk youth & families, higher education, and individuals with disabilities. She is passionate about brain research, multiculturalism, writing, singing, knitting, and being an auntie.
Tammy Szymanski
Office Manager
Mary Dell Hayes
Development Coordinator
Melanie Snipes, LMSW
Director of Crisis Services
Sherry Lewis, MA, LPC
Director of Therapy and Outreach
Kayce Singletary, MSW, MPH
Community Education Director
Sarah Moran Nevarez Lauren Wiest, LPC-I
Advocate Counselor
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Amy Meldau, LMSW Zoe McDowell
Baron O’Neal joined STSM staff as o ur C o mm u ni t y A dvo ca te & Prevention Specialist in Sumter County in February 2014. Baron volunteered with STSM as an advocate beginning in February of 2012, in which role he provided over 65 hours of direct service to survivors of sexual assault. He became a Spe aker’s Bureau volunteer in August 2012, and was named STSM’s Volunteer of the Year in 2013. Baron is a former paramedic with Richland County EMS and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Columbia International University. In his free time, he takes care of his pet dogs and donkeys, fishes, and spends the majority of his time as the father to his “loving, caring, beautiful, and tenacious” 7-year-old daughter.
Group Services Coordinator
Sexual Assault Services Coordinator
Alexis Stratton, MFA
Prevention Education Coordinator
Bahiyyih Young, Ed.S., NCC
Underserved Survivor Advocacy and Outreach Project Coordinator
Abuse in Later Life Coordinator
Baron O’Neal
Community Advocate and Prevention Specialist (Sumter County) CONTENTS New staff Upcoming Events Agency Statistics Note on Social Media 1 2-4 4 4
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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! We’ve already got many events planned and have even started on some of the awareness campaigns. Here’s what we’re doing this year:
This year, STSM is participating in a national awareness campaign called Start By Believing. It allows supporters of survivors to post videos about why they start by believing when someone discloses a sexual assault to them. Law enforcement, medical staff, professionals, and others are welcome to participate. Check out the videos we’ve already received on our website, or film at your own—submission for more guidelines will be posted on the website! Contact Zoe information.
This arts-focused awareness campaign is all about using artistic media like music, poetry, and the visual arts to envision a world without sexual violence. You can participate by:

Creating pieces for the campaign. Please refer to the submission guidelines on our website. You can also come to a workshop at the Tapp’s Art Center for some guided creativity. The next workshop will be February 22—join it here!
This event is based on a well known Italian court case where an assailant’s conviction was overturned in part due to the clothing worn by the survivor. Today, businesses and other organizations across the Midlands participate by allowing employees to wear denim to work on Thursday, April 24 to show their support of survivors and broadcast the message that consent is about far more than the clothing one wears. involved! If your business, school or organization is not participating already, get them STSM provides information about the event and stickers for all participants, and more information will be posted to the website soon. You can also contact Ashley at for more information.

Help our staff to choose the best pieces by joining the selection committee. Contact Alexis at for information!

Come see the pieces during the Image If opening at Tapp’s Art Center, which is also the Kickoff Party for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It’s April 3 from 6:009:00 pm. Join the event and invite friends!
On April 18, we will gather at 5:30 pm outside of the SC State House to show support This often our for event draws of What: STSM provides volunteers for some events that are part of the St. Pat’s in 5 Points Festival. Volunteering benefits STSM and lets you be an important part of the festival! Who: Any STSM volunteer, or the friends/ family of a volunteer is welcome to volunteer on our agency’s behalf. Volunteers are able to enjoy the festival at no cost! When: We need 5-10 volunteers on March 16 for cleanup after the festival. Cleanup will begin at 8:30 am in the Yesterday’s lot. How: Contact Sarah to sign up for a shift! What: STSM provides volunteers for events that are part of the Palmetto Half Marathon, in return for which the Marath on supports STSM as a charity partner. Who: Any STSM volunteer, or the friends/ family of a volunteer is welcome to volunteer on our agency’s behalf. STSM committed to providing at least 10 volunteers, and we currently have 4. When: The event is April 11-12, and there are volunteer shifts throughout the event from Friday at 1 pm through Saturday at noon. You can select a role and time through this form. You could also run in the race on our behalf! How: Contact Sarah for more information!
participants. It’s a great way to not only show your own support of survivors, but also gives you a chance to get your friends and family involved in the fight against sexual violence. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! Participate in Walk A Mile: Registration for the walk is here! You’ll notice that the new registration site gives you the option to join a team—you can build your own team, join fellow volunteers on a team, or join the team of one of our staff members! You can also join the event on Facebook and invite others to join. Volunteer for Walk A Mile: Our staff would not be able to run such a large event without your help! If you would like to volunteer for any of the following, please contact Sarah at Volunteer opportunities include:
  
Planning and prepping materials the week prior Day-of setup and registration (before walk) Assist staff during the Walk & for cleanup
Join the after party: We give out awards for our community partners, including Volunteer of the Year and other local organizations and community members that have substantially contributed to our programs. More info coming soon!
 There were a total of 24 hospital calls in January 2014, the same as in January 2014 but less than the average for the last 6 months of 2013. There were a total of 35 hotline calls in February 2014, less than in January 2014 and the average in the last 6 months of 2013.

In February 2014, STSM Volunteer Advocates took 16 hospital calls and 6 hotline calls. Overall, volunteers took 67% of all hospital calls and 17% of all hotline calls.
March 26, 2014 5:30-7 pm in the STSM office This meeting is for volunteer advocates only. Contact Sarah to RSVP.
In today’s world, social media is involved in nearly every aspect of our lives. Being open about your volunteer work on your profiles can help others to learn about our services and the great work you do, but it can also negatively impact how prospective or current employers or others you interact with view you. Facebook never forgets: posts from years ago can be easily located, particularly if the privacy settings you used then are now obsolete. Strangers can also see your posts in groups or public pages, or through websites that use a social media account as a log in or link back to that account. For example, your comments on a news story or your Pinterest may bring someone back to your profile. If an individual takes issue with something you post and can track back to your profile, your profile will give them info on your employer or other community involvement, which they may use to contact those individuals. In the past six months, several individuals have contacted STSM to provide us with information about a volunteer’s personal life or online habits after seeing that they volunteer on their profile. This ranged from bad behavior to cyber bullying to victim blaming comments. We’ve handled each on a case-by-case basis, but I can’t say it hasn’t effected how I think about these volunteers. So please, think twice about what you post: everything is ultimately public information. Page 4 —
April 29, 6-7 pm in the STSM office The Dickerson Center’s Brooke Wymer, LMSW, will present on normal childhood sexual development. If you’ve ever been asked ‘is this normal or due to abuse’ or are interested in working with children, this is the session for you! Contact Sarah to RSVP.
May 31—June 5, 2014 Know someone who would make a great advocate, or thinking about pursuing this role yourself? Contact Sarah for more information on this training!
Summer 2014—Dates TBA

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