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New Beginnings
April 1, 2014
Volume 6, Issue 2
Genevieve N. Waller, Esq.
Executive Director
Tammy Szymanski
Office Manager
Sherry Lewis, LPC
Director of Therapy and Outreach
Melanie Snipes, LMSW
Director of Crisis Services
Kayce Singletary, MSW, MPH
Community Education Director
Mary Dell Hayes
Development Coordinator
Sarah Moran Nevarez, MSW, MPH
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Zoe McDowell
Sexual Assault Services Coordinator
Lauren Weist, LPC
Advocate Counselor
Bahiyyih Young
Underserved Survivor Advocate
Amy Meldau, LMSW
Group Services Coordinator
Alexis Stratton, MFA
Prevention Education Coordinator
Baron O’Neal
Community Advocate & Prevention
Specialist (Sumter)
January to March 2014 Statistics
 STSM staff and volunteers accompanied 83 primary
survivors of sexual assault and abuse at the hospital (43
under the age of 17).
 STSM staff and volunteers answered 137 hotline calls.
 STSM staff held 294 individual counseling and crisis
intervention sessions.
Upcoming Events
May 12
Tee It Up For STSM Golf Tournament
Golden Hills Country Club
May 21
Sumter Open House
STSM Sumter Office
533C Oxford Street
May 23
Sumter Sexual Assault Response Team Press Conference
Tuomey Foundation
May 28
Prison Rape Elimination Act Training
James R. Metts Law Enforcement Complex Training Center
May 31-June 5
Volunteer Advocate Training
Apply: Sarah Nevarez,
June 18
Abuse in Later Life Law Enforcement Training
James R. Metts Law Enforcement Complex Training Center
July 18
Board of Directors Planning Retreat
Lake Murray Training Center
STSM supports survivors in recovery from the trauma associated with sexual assault and abuse
and educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Page 1
STSM Board of Directors
Jay Hamm, Palmetto Health
Wendy Fuess, Wells Fargo
Vice President
Guy Bradley, SCANA Corp.
Jason Bradley, BCBS of SC
Kristian Bell, Collins & Lacy
At Large
Sheryl McAlister, PR Consultant
At Large
Phil Bailey, SC Senate Democratic
Leon Bullard, Retired Physician
Emily Donaldson, BCBS of SC
Steven Johnson, BCBS of SC
Dee Moise, Davis Moise CPA
Chris Pierson, SCANA Corp.
John Wilkinson, USA Eshop
Board Member of the Quarter
Chris Pierson
Chris Pierson is the Information
Technology Manager at SCANA. He
graduated from the University of South
Carolina with a Bachelor of Science
degree and also completed his MBA.
Chris joined the STSM board at the
beginning of the 2013-2014 fiscal year
and has been instrumental in STSM’s
success this year. As a Sumter native,
Chris has helped connect STSM with
members of the community. He is also
co-chairing the 10th Annual Tee It Up
For STSM Golf Tournament.
Chris and his wife Christine are expecting their first child in
October. We can’t wait to welcome their sweet baby to the STSM
“Chris has been a great contributor on the STSM Board of
Directors. He plays an active role in governance and fundraising.
We are fortunate to have leaders like Chris on our board and in
our community.”
Jay Hamm, President, STSM Board of Directors
Volunteer of the Quarter
Anna Coward
Anna Coward began volunteering as an advocate in September
2012, and has spent over 400 hours on call as a volunteer and
contributed over 80 hours of direct service. Anna is extremely
reliable. She often exceeds
the required number of on
call shifts, and has been
dedicated to continuing
education, attending many
events and often picking up
materials from those she
was not able to attend due
to work/school schedule. In
February 2014, Anna
compl eted the Group
Facilitator training, and in
March she began co-
facilitating the Sistercare
group with Group Services
C o o r d i n a t o r , A m y
Meldau. Anna has a BA in
Psychology from USC and
will complete coursework for her Ed.S in school counseling this
"Since her first volunteer interview, I have always felt that Anna
was extremely competent and could successfully advocate in
even the most unusual or complex cases, and I truly feel she has
only improved over time by blending her clinical skills with a true
commitment to advocating for survivors."
Sarah Nevarez, Volunteer Services Coordinator
STSM supports survivors in recovery from the trauma associated with sexual assault and abuse
and educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Page 2
Presented By
STSM supports survivors in recovery from the trauma associated with sexual assault and
abuse and educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
It’s not too late to help make this year’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes even more
successful! We have raised almost $47,000 and with an extra contribution
we may be able to raise $50,000 total! Click here to donate now!
Meet our Donors
Gary Pennington, the
Founding Partner of
Pennington Law Firm,
is an expert in applying
legal knowledge in the
field of technology and
Mr . P e n n i n g t o n
recognizes the impact
that modern data
tracking can have for
an organization. This
led him to support
technology upgrades
for STSM to support
our migration to a new
database system to
manage our donor, clinical, and education data.
This will allow STSM to better track diverse
demographic information and most importantly,
to better track the outcomes and achievements
of our clinical and education program.
Pennington Law Firm works to identify,
recognize and reward efforts that represent the
values for which the firm stands. When asked
about his generosity, Mr. Pennington says, “I
have the mindset that we all have the ability to
help and make a difference. Everybody has
something they can give whether it’s time or
money. It’s important to me to show my
employees that we can make a difference not
just through the practice of law.”
Page 3
Attorney General Alan Wilson and
colleagues shows off their
colorful pumps.
STSM welcomed more than 800
participants at Walk a Mile in Her
Shoes in 2014.
Meet our Donors
For 65 years the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Daughters of the Holy Cross have worked to
present one of Columbia’s most popular Fall
events—The Trinity Bazaar. An amazing group
of women work to sort, price, and organize
thousands of items donated by parishioners and
community members. The bazaar features
delicious homemade goods and art, as well as
other items typically found at a yard sale.
Each year local nonprofit agencies have the
opportunity to apply to receive proceeds from
the Bazaar. STSM is proud to have been
selected to receive funding from the 2013
Trinity Bazaar. STSM received more than
$10,000 to benefit our Crisis and Clinical
Programs. This funding will ensure that all
survivors of sexual violence in the Midlands
receive the highest quality no-cost, trauma-
focused advocacy and counseling support.
The Tri ni ty
Bazaar is a fun
opportunity to
pick up books,
jewelry, home
goods, and
other fun finds
at a great price
for a great
cause. Mark
your calendar
for the upcoming bazaar on Saturday,
November 8, 2014!
STSM supports survivors in recovery from the trauma associated with sexual assault and
abuse and educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Prevention and Education
Page 4
By the Numbers
STSM’s Community
Education and
Outreach Program
provides education to
adults and youth in
Richland, Lexington,
Newberry, and
Sumter counties.
From January to
March we completed
171 sessions and
educated 876 youth
and 1,121 adults.
For more information
or to schedule a
Kayce Singletary,
School of the Quarter
Brookland-Cayce High School welcomed STSM’s Community Education Intern, Ashley Meador, into their
freshman Strategies for Success classroom for our Youth Violence Prevention Program. Over 80
students had the opportunity to complete Sexual Trauma Services’ program thanks to the self-
proclaimed “BC Diva,” Mrs. Lynn Summer.
“Walking into Mrs. Summer’s class makes teaching Youth Violence Prevention even more of a joy” said
Education Intern Ashley Meador. “She reminds students every day that they are ‘unique and valuable.’
I know this reminder makes students feel more comfortable about coming forward with sexual violence
concerns. It has been an honor to serve with a teacher who truly cares about her students the way
Mrs. Summer does.”
STSM supports survivors in recovery from the trauma associated with sexual assault and abuse
and educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
Page 5
Counseling and Crisis Intervention
Survivor Testimonials
"I feel myself gaining tools for my emotional toolbox every time I see my counselor. I’ve already seen so many
personal gains and my family relationships are showing improvement. This far exceeds what I expected or even
hoped to accomplish"
"I may not be alive today had it not been for your services."
Community Partner
of the Quarter
Tuomey Hospital
Tuomey Healthcare System has
welcomed STSM with open
arms since we started serving
Sumter at first on a temporary
basis, and now permanently.
Emer genc y Depa r t ment
Manager, Eric McFarland has
been instrumental in providing
compassionate services for
survivors of sexual violence
served in Sumter. He has
assisted in the creation of the
Sumt er Sexual Assaul t
Response Team by not only
organizing a meeting space and
participating on a monthly
basis, but also by creating
policies and procedures to help
guide processes at the hospital.
Tuomey has also continued to
grow the SANE program and
ensure that it is a priority for
survivors to receives the best
services possible. Tuomey will
host the Sumter SART Press
Conference for the signing of
the Cooperati ve Worki ng
Agreement between the
c o m mu n i t y p a r t n e r s
participating in the SART. This
event will be held May 23rd at
10:00am with the assistance of
the Tuomey Foundation.
Trauma and Sleep
Following a trauma, many clients have trouble with sleeping; whether
it’s falling asleep, or staying asleep once you fall asleep or suffering
from nightmares, sleep is a constant issue. Being sleep deprived can
affect all aspects of our life- trauma or not- so one of the main goals
in crisis intervention is to assist clients that are having trouble in this
area immediately.
Why people experience Sleep Disturbances After a Trauma:
Stress from a traumatic event can often lead to a variety of sleep
problems. Sleep is affected for a number of reasons. One of the
biggest factors is your actual brain’s chemistry. When the body is
overstimulated, the brain is flooded with neurochemicals like
epinephrine and adrenaline that keep us awake. Increased levels of
these hormones can sometimes make it difficult to wind down at the
end of the day. The neurochemicals remain present in the brain and
can interrupt your normal sleep
cycle. The result can be
insomnia, bad dreams, and
daytime fatigue caused by sleep
disturbance. If you are having
nightmares or flashbacks during
your sleep cycle, it is possible
too that your brain and body
are unconsciously trying to
avoid sleep so that the negative
traumatic symptoms are not
The following are common sleep problems following a trauma:
 Flashbacks and troubling thoughts can make falling asleep
difficult. The survivor might feel the need to maintain a high level
of vigilance, which can make sleep difficult.
 For those who experience violent situations, nighttime and
darkness can, in and of themselves, bring about added anxiety
and restlessness.
 Taking naps during the day might be helpful, but, if overdone,
can also interfere with your efforts to sleep through the night.
 Once asleep, nightmares can frighten a survivor back to
consciousness, and getting back to sleep can be very difficult.
 Many survivors use alcohol or other drugs to numb the emotional
and physical pain following trauma. These substances can not
only impact the healing process, they can also exacerbate sleep
STSM supports survivors in recovery from the trauma associated with sexual assault and abuse
and educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
BlueCross BlueShield of SC
Lexington Medical Center
Palmetto Health
Debbie Billings & James Thrasher
Jamie Early
Mary Audrey Finazzo
$10,000 AND ABOVE______
Richland County Finance Department
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
$1,000 AND ABOVE______
CDI Southeast
CHAMPS Software, Inc.
First Citizens Foundation
Gregory Electric
Junior Welfare League
Newberry County, South Carolina
St. Peter's Catholic Church
Trinity Presbytery, Inc
Vagina Monologues
$500 TO $999_____________
Alyce Kemp DeWitt
Chad Gunnlaugsson
Junior League of Columbia
Matthew Melton
$250 TO $499_____________
P.D. Bullard, M.D.
Page 6
$250 TO $499_____________
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Chibbaro
Cynthia Cooper
First Community Bank
Highsmith & Highsmith, LLC
Sheryl A. McAlister
Midlands Technical College
Dennis A. Pruitt, Sr.
Linda S. Roberts
Buford Summer
$100 TO $249_____________
Kim M. and Cliff Alpaugh
Patrick Anderson
Jill Areheart
Frank T. Avignone
Shelvie Burnside Belser
Marla Berger
Dick Smith Nissan of Lexington
Chappelle Broome
Julie M. Brown
Kerry R. Brown, Jr.
Katherine N Crosby
Hayden W Davis
Mary T Davis
Margaret Moran Dobson
Emily Donaldson
Stephanie Duty
Cynthia Garcia
Laura Hester
Kaye C. and Thomas Jones
Russell Jones
Shirley Kuiper
Nancy L Long
Magruder Window Coverings
$100 TO $249_____________
Katherine E McFadden
Juan Mendoza
Sarah Nevarez
Harris & Patricia Pastides
Mike and Amy Perry
Chris Pierson
Dorothy O. Pratt
Rhonda Quinones
Virginia Sawyer
Andrew Schweiger
Jennifer Skrmetti
Katie Smith
JoAnn Speaker
Patricia Speaker
Paul Speaker
Mary Thomson-Martin
Bethany Tisdale
Mark VanDriel
Opa Waller
Jeanette D. Walton
University of SC Law Enforcement
and Safety
Michelle Zornes
UP TO $99_____________
Tekeshia Able
Kenny Adams
Jarvis O. Adams
Teresa M. Akins
Dell and Blake Amick
John C. Amick
Raghav Amyth
UP TO $99_____________
Ernie and Bonnie Anderson
Stacey Anderson
Charlie Ansley
Donna L. Arndt
Jamie S. Austin
Ronald Avallone
Carla M. Blandon
Sher Baechtold
Colin D. Bailey
Jasmine D. Bailey
Sarah Bailey
Elise Blackwell
Kimberly Baker
Sara Barber
Scott Barber
Cynthia Barbian
John G. Barkley
Linda J. Barnes
Rebecca C Barnett
Tracie Baxley
John H. Beard
Bellis House of Pizza
Catherine S. Bencheikh
Megan Bennett
Kim Benoit
Antoinette Berry
Candace S Berry
Kelly L. Berry
Joshua Bice
Lu Bickley
Mary L. Bickley
Rick Black
Austin Blackmon
Survivors of sexual violence need our help. Please make a secure
online donation to STSM to support survivors of sexual assault
and abuse and to prevent sexual violence in our community, or
mail your tax-deductible check to the following:
3830 Forest Drive, Suite 201
Columbia, SC 29204
STSM supports survivors in recovery from the trauma associated with sexual assault and abuse
and educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
UP TO $99_____________
Phillip Blair & Sara Kennedy
Emily R Block
Gayle S Blouin
Vinny Bocchino
Tammy Bone
Christi Bost
Betty Bouknight
Alex Bowers
Andrea Bowers
Craig Bowers
Robbie Peele
Ron Bowers
Suzanne Bowers
Kristin Bowman
Lori Boykin
Cierra L. Brabham
Princess L. Brabham
Brittany G Bradley
Guy M Bradley
Lisa N Braeckelaere
Doug Bramlett
Josh P Brannon
Ashley Bridgers
Deloris Ann Brinson
Chris Bristow
Jonathan Brock
Cheryl D. Brown
Shermel Brown
Angela Bruccoli
Timothy L Bupp
Leacy Burke
Edie Burritt
Steven Burritt
Corey Burton
Julie Byelich
Adele J. Byrd
David Byrum
Carly Cain
Leia K Cain
Sunday Cannon
Mindy Carithers
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UP TO $99_____________
Glynda Carroll
Mark A. Casey
Ophie Casey
Luke Peter Catalanotto
Victoria Cather
Carrie Caudill
Jeanne U. Cavanaugh
Tony Claremont
Rachel E Clark
Heather Clary
Kerry H. Collier
Candace N Collins
The Columbia Circle
Mae Compton
Phyllis Connor-Richey
Ashley and Paul Cook
Tyler Cook
Shannon Cooper
Stephanie Cooper-Lewter
Kevin Cornett
Roque Cosme
Marie Counts
Myra E Counts
Jill (Wilson) Courtney
Amy T. Coward
Anna Coward
Nikki Crabtree
Pamela Craig
Ashley Crary
Jordan Craven
Eme Crawford
Becky Crim
Darrell Croft
Mary Croft
Amy Crosby
Julie Culclasure
Jacob S Culler
Blake W Dailey
Denise Dailey
Dianna Dailey
David E Dannels
UP TO $99_____________
Kendall Davis
Robert Davis
Shannon A Davis
Frank A DeGeorge
Michelle Dent
Jennifer Dever
Deborah DiRoberto
Will Douthit
Vaughan Dozier
Lori Drafts
Ashley Dragos
Jim Dukes
Doris J Dunlap
Timothy Durden
Angie Eanes
Dwayne Eanes
James A Eastman
Angela R. Eberz
Brie B Elliott
Alexandra Ellis
Carrie M Ellsworth
Peggy Fain
Sarah Fancher
Angela C. Farthing
Robert M Fatovic
Georgette Fennell
Reagan File
Andreas Fiouris
Anita Fiouris
Michael L. Fitts
John P. Flanagan
Anissa Floyd
Christi Floyd
Keisha Fogle
Andrew Folks
Tracey Forehand
Gail Fox
John E Frampton
Judith Francis
Wendy J Frazier
Toby J Freeman
UP TO $99_____________
Kim Frohnappel
Michael Frost
Wendy Fuess
Karen T. Gabert
Sharon Gaddist
Calvin R Gallman
Chris R Gallman
Carmen S. Garrett
Angela Garrick
Jonathan "Bubba" Garris
Angela Gaskins
Nicole Gault
Irick Geary
Debbie Gee
Elizabeth Geiger
Holly Genovese
Danielle Gentile
Audrey Gibson-White
Rebecca J Giller
Adora Gillespie
Stephen Grant Gillespie
Stephanie Givens
Christopher Glenn
Elizabeth R Gober
Mike Godawski
Ashlee Goff
Sharon W. Goff
Dan and Kristy Goldberg
Taylor Gollwitzer
Teena Gooding
Melissa Gore
James M Graham
Charles J. Grainger
Alissa Gray
Lindsey Greenbaum
Angela W. Greene
Rick & Gayle Greene
Marshanda Gregory
Matt Griffin
Barbara W Grissom
Carol D Guest
STSM supports survivors in recovery from the trauma associated with sexual assault and abuse
and educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
UP TO $99_____________
Paul Guinn
Shelia Jenkins Gunter
Sreeni Guntupalli
Leslie M. Harden
Phyllis D Harris-Manuel
Arthur T. Hughes
Ena Hagon
Amanda Hamilton
Jay D. and Carolyn Hamm
Raymond Darryl Hammond
Mark Harrelson
Rhett Harrelson
Geri Harrison
Kimberly Harrison
Havird Tire Company
Rob Haulton
Alita Hawksworth
Elza Hayen
Mary Dell and Wes Hayes
Michael M. Heaton
Kat Heavner
Tara Heil
Elizabeth S Hendrix
Kelly Herwig
Ellen Herwig
Laura Hicklin
Dottie Hildebrand
Jessica Hilton
Brantley Hodge
Amy L Holleman
Phyllis A Hooper
Patricia C Hoover
Scott R Horn
Samantha Horsley
Alan S Hovermale
Jeanne Howe
Judy F Hrinda
Pei Hu
Edgardo Huertas
Mona Huggins
Kimberly D. Humphries
Michelle Hunter
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UP TO $99_____________
Hal Wilson and Ann R. Hutchens
Chris Ingram
Ann JOhnson
Chrysta Jacques
Sharnte Jamison
Seleana Jenkins
Shana Johnson
Eural L Joiner
Brooke & Adam Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Mark Jones
Neal R. Jones
Andrew B Jordan
Elizabeth L Jordan
April Joyner
Meeghan E Kane
Mark & Violet Kane
Nele S Karmaus
Julee Kasserman
Antony W Keane-Dawes
Andy Keels
Sarah Kelley
Clare Kelly
Edward Kelly
Jessica L Kelly
Janice Kenealy
Ashley Kersey
Suzanne Kilgus
Nathan Kimsey
Pamela M. Kitchens
Crystal H Knight
Danielle J Knight
Diana Krinke
Sylvia Langford
Naomi Land
Angela Lawson
Dorothy Ann Lawson
Bernadette M Lee
Christopher T Lee
Lisa T Lehman
UP TO $99_____________
Roxanne Lenzo
George E Lewellyn II
Sherry and Everett Lewis
Rachel O Livingood
Debra B Long
John C Long
Mary V Long
Laura Lundeen
Giulie Lyke
Eligio Maoli
Lindsey Macchio
Mike Magruder
Tom Magruder
Mukesh R. Maisuria
Maria Mancini
Debbie Marion
Amy Marion
Keith Marion
Ronita A. Marshall
Michelle Marthers
Kay K. Martin
Rachel E Martin
Tiffany Mattox
Keata Mazyck
Sheryl McAlister
Sarah C McCall
Mary D. McCaskill
Jacob McCoy
Paulette Q. McCurdy
Neosia McDaniels
Zoe McDowell
Lari McEdward
Maris McEdward
Tracy McFadden
Kimberly McGhee
Shirley McGuinness
Leigh A McKie
Lindsey McVean
Evan McWilliams
UP TO $99_____________
Peg Mead
Jennifer L Meador
Ryan C Medlock
April A. Meetze
Scott D. Meier
Amy Meldau
Ronald and Jennifer Meldau
Tynisha Melvin-Lewis
Marta M. Mercado
Diana Merrill
Beverly Miles
Jim Miles
Jessica and Chuck Miller
Syreeta Miller
Kathy Miner
Aundrey L Mitchell
Larry Mitchell
Janel and Anthony Mitnaul
Kevin C. Monaghan
Irmeli Moran
Grace Mozingo
Greg Mull
Paul Najim
Martha Neal
Cortney Neel
Matthew Neese
Tessa Nguyen
David Nieves
Fatimah Niles
Sue Norcutt
Kevin P O'Dell
Baron O'Neal
Cardell O'Neal
Kristin M O'Neill
Sarah M Oliver
Pedro J Ortiz Cruz
April D Owens
Syreeta V. Owens
Diane & Allan Paavel
Sandy Paavel
Elizabeth Pacheco
Theresa Pacheco
STSM supports survivors in recovery from the trauma associated with sexual assault and abuse
and educates the community to identify and prevent sexual violence.
UP TO $99_____________
Brandi Palmer
Gayle Partain
Anky Patel
Lee Patterson
Rhonda Patterson
Regina Paul
Char Pearson
Joseph L Pearson
Mary Peavy
Robbie Peele
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Erika Pelz-Butler
Emily Perkins
Michelle Perry
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Alicia Marie Pratt
James Robert Pratt
Destiny Price
Kenneth E Proffitt
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Edward Pumphrey
Holli Purcell
Charmaine Ragin
Keri I. Rawlinson
Christian Ray
Katie Reid
Richard L Reifsnyder
Brittoni Reynolds
Cecilia Reynolds
Sherry Rhodes
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Jennifer N. Riddle
Pamela Riddle
Heather Ripley
Douglas B. Rizzo
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Matthew Roberge
Meagan Roberts
Josh and Meaghan Rogers
Sidney Rohrig
Brian G Roldan
Michael D. Ross
Daniel J. Rossman
Meshune Ruff
Annie L Rumler
Susan L. Rusher
Emily Russell
Loren Ryan
Alexander Santiago
Diane L. Savage
Latoiya T. Scott
Shandon-Wood Animal Clinic
Lindsay Shaw
Langley D. Shealy
Frances and Tim Shealy
Shunae Sherman
Neil & Marsha Sherouse
Bryan T Simon
Kayce Singletary
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Jordan Slice
Jeannine C Sligh
Jimmy Sligh
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Michaela Slone
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Tammy Smoak
Thomas and Melanie H. Snipes
Shannon Soileau
Shane Sonnefeld
Kathleen Speaker
Mark and Kathy Speaker
Johnathan Spell
Katrina Spigner
Jessica Spires
William Spivey
Danielle E Stahlbaum
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Michael Stobbe
Philip J. Stockman
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Vickie L. Suffridge
Leigh Summer
Jamie Summers
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Mary B. Sutphin
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Tammy and Michael Szymanski
Paul Talbot
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Beverley Tuller
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Brittney Vereen
Karen Williams
Christine Wagner
Carla L Walker
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Ed Waller
Edward J. and Genevieve N. Waller
Carleen Ward
Paris Ward
Tyraun Washington
Katherine Watts
Samuel Watts
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Samantha A Weinschreider
Deidra Westly
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Katherine Yon

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