Good-Touch/Bad-Touch - For Elementary School Children

In January 2011, STSM expanded our prevention programming into Elementary Schools. We will now be offering Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® to select schools in Richland, Lexington, and Newberry counties.  GT/BT is a body safety program, which teaches our children a comfortable way to talk about a very sensitive problem. Unfortunately, one out of four girls and one out of six boys are sexually abused in our country by the time they turn 18 years old. Informing children of the following concepts helps to lessen their vulnerability to abuse:

1.      Touch can be good, bad, or confusing.

2.      Children are special and have the right to know all the body safety rules.

3.      Children can say NO! to touches they don’t like.

4.      Children can tell a trusted adult if they ever have a problem with sexual abuse, bullying or other confusing touches.

5.      Abuse is NEVER the child’s fault.

This program also deals with bullying.  It has been validated as effective by professionals from a major university and is being used in many states throughout the nation.  We are very pleased and excited to be involved.  A carefully trained facilitator from STSM offers three age-appropriate sessions to students that include songs, stories, videos, and role play activities. We also send home materials so that families can continue the lessons at home and reinforce them according to their own family culture and values.

Contact STSM's Community Education Director via email or phone at 803-790-8208 to find out more information or to schedule your school for Good-Touch/Bad-Touch®.

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