Education & Outreach FAQ's

I work in a public school. Is it legal for you to talk about these topics to kids in my school?
Yes, everything we discuss follows the law. Our curriculum adheres to the Comprehensive Sex Education Act for our state and we have the approval of each school district to be working with the schools. In fact, our youth program covers topics that are required by the SC Health and Safety Education Standards to be taught in schools. So schools should be covering this material anyway!

I don’t have time to have you cover all topics. Can you just present one or two topics?
Our preference is to cover all six topics. We know that change is not going to be made in just one session. Additionally, the curriculum builds on itself as we continue from week to week. So students will miss out on a lot of information if we do not facilitate each lesson. However, we recognize that time is an issue for most schools and youth-serving organizations. Therefore, we are flexible. If you absolutely cannot accommodate all six sessions, we will work with your organization to find which lessons are right for you. In some, rare cases, we can combines lessons into one session.

Do you need parent permission forms?
No. As an organization, we do not require parent permission forms. It is our understanding that as we partner with organizations or schools, they are in contact with parents and are keeping parents abreast of the activities their child is participating in while at their program. We do not require parent permission forms because if a child is being abused at home, the parents/guardians will certainly not allow the child to attend our lessons. We do not want to exclude anyone from our lessons, most especially those children who need our help the most.

Do you have any other topics that you cover other than the sessions listed in the Youth Violence Prevention Program?
The sessions in the YVPP are the topics that we most often cover. However, we have many other education and prevention programs. Visit the Eduation and Outreach section of our website to see a list of programs for youth and adults. We will also work with organizations if they are interested in topics not listed on our website. For example, in the past we have facilitated workshops following movies on sexual assault and talked with college classes on topics related to their major.

Do you evaluate your program?
Yes, we evaluate the Youth Violence Prevention Program. We currently conduct pre and post tests to determine change in attitude, knowledge and behavior. This is the first year we are conducting this rigorous of an evaluation so we do not have any measurable data at this time.

How do I schedule a presentation?
Click here to send an email to the Community Education Program Director or call the STSM office at 803-790-8208.

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