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Why I Volunteer: Because I Shouldn't Have to Be Lucky

Tess Dawkins has volunteered in the office at Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands since May 2014. She has donated over 200 hours of volunteer time in the past year and is the Volunteer of the Quarter for April-June 2015. Tess is a senior at the University of South Carolina & the South Carolina Honors College and a research assistant at the Institute for Mind & Brain. She plans to attend graduate school to pursue her goals of educating youth on sexual health & sexual violence prevention. 

From The Desk of The Executive Director - On Collaboration

We hope you enjoy this new monthly feature from our Executive Director, Ginny Waller. Ginny will focus each month on a component of how nonprofit best practices really play out in STSM's strategic work to serve survivors of sexual violence and to educate our community to identify and prevent sexual violence. As always, let us know what you think! This first piece in the series focuses on collaboration.

Board Member Jane Senn Issues #WAMChallenge

STSM Board of Directors member, Jane Senn, issues her #WAMChallenge. Have you taken the #WAMChallenge? 

Board Member Kristian Bell Issues #WAMChallenge

STSM Board of Directors member Kristian Bell issues her #WAMChallenge. Have you taken the #WAMChallenge?

Board Member Joel Samuels Issues #WAMChallenge

STSM Board of Directors member, Joel Samuels, issues a #WAMChallenge. Click here for more information about how to make your #WAMChallenge video.

Board Member Michael Traynham Takes the #WAMChallenge

STSM Board of Directors member, Michael Traynham, issues the #WAMChallenge.

Grapes and Gallery Walk a Mile

Special thanks to our friends at Grapes and Gallery for sharing with us!

Victim Blaming: India's Daughter and Closer to Home

Vickie Belcher is a sophomore Economics and Anthropology major at the University of South Carolina who has volunteered with STSM since September. Her favorite part about volunteering with STSM is seeing how the agency works to directly help survivors and make a difference in the greater Columbia area through educational outreach. 

#WAMChallenge - One Million Cups

#WAMChallenge - Amy Fisher

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